Tax-free shopping for modern tourists

We believe tax-free shopping should be hassle-free, safe and transparent. With the Pie VAT app you will get the highest refunds using only a fraction of the time. No forms.
No Lines. No hidden fees.
Get a bigger slice of the Pie!

A phone running the Pie VAT app showing the map, a local store, and request refund button
Download the Pie VAT app.

Explore shops around you

Discover and explore unique local shops around you. This is a great way to experience the city.

Download the Pie VAT app.

Discover what they offer

Easy to filter shops by category and brands! Browse what each store offers. Find that perfect product!

Download the Pie VAT app.

Scan the QR Code after purchase

The retailer will show you a QR code that you can scan in the app, or a short code you can enter. This starts your refund request. Codes can also be sent to your phone number or email.

Download the Pie VAT app.

Quickly upload trip and traveler information

Just a few steps are required to submit your refund request. We will ask about things like your trip details and your passport. This should only take a few minutes!

Download the Pie VAT app.

Final step at the end of your trip

Depending on the country, store, or size of your purchase, you may need to visit Customs to receive a stamp on your receipt. You may also need to take a photo of your purchased items once you’ve arrived home with them. The app will guide you on what your order requires.

Download the Pie VAT app.

Submit, track, and receive your refund

Don’t forget to submit your refund request once you’ve finished all the necessary steps! PIE will then review your request, and you can check your request’s status at any time in the app. Once approved, we will send your VAT refund to your PIE wallet. You can cash out from there!

Some information on this page is specific to the EU. If you are visiting Japan, click the link below!

I loved the concept and cannot wait to use it elsewhere in the future!
Kirsten C.
I think your app addresses a huge need...I’ll be your huge promoter
Danil M.
About time someone did this! Smooth and painless, wish more stores worked with Pie
Jin W.
Not having to stand in line at the airport is genius, sometimes early and late flights, the tax free is not even open. Pie solves that!
Marcos K.